characteristic length (scale)


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  • Characteristic energy length scale — The characteristic energy length scale χ describes the size of the region from which energy flows to a rapidly moving crack. If material properties change within the characteristic energy length scale, local wave speeds can dominate crack… …   Wikipedia

  • Characteristic length — A characteristic length is an important dimension that defines the scale of a physical system. Often such a length is used as an input to a formula in order to predict some characteristics of the system. Examples: Reynolds number Biot number… …   Wikipedia

  • Scale invariance — In physics and mathematics, scale invariance is a feature of objects or laws that do not change if length scales (or energy scales) are multiplied by a common factor. The technical term for this transformation is a dilatation (also known as… …   Wikipedia

  • Scale-invariant feature transform — Feature detection Output of a typical corner detection algorithm …   Wikipedia

  • Debye length — In plasma physics, the Debye length (also called Debye radius), named after the Dutch physicist and physical chemist Peter Debye, is the scale over which mobile charge carriers (e.g. electrons) screen out electric fields in plasmas and other… …   Wikipedia

  • Capillary length — In fluid mechanics, capillary length is a characteristic length scale for fluid subject to a body force from gravity and a surface force due to surface tension.The capillary length is defined asG.K. Batchelor, An Introduction To Fluid Dynamics ,… …   Wikipedia

  • Chord-scale system — One chord scale option for a C augmented dominant seventh chord (C E G♯ B♭ …   Wikipedia

  • Human scale — means of a scale comparable to a human being .A number of characteristic physical quantities can be associated with the human body, the human mind, and the preservation of human life.* Distance: one to two metres (human arm s reach, stride,… …   Wikipedia

  • Molecular scale electronics — Part of a series of articles on Nanoelectronics Single molecule electronics …   Wikipedia

  • Radiation length — In physics, the radiation length is a characteristic of a material, related to the energy loss of high energy, electromagnetic interacting particles with it.DefinitionHigh energy electrons predominantly lose energy in matterby bremsstrahlung, and …   Wikipedia

  • Fermi (length) — The fermi is a non SI unit of length that is internationally recognised and equivalent to the SI recognised femtometre. The symbol for both the fermi and the femtometre is fm. The unit was named in honour of Enrico Fermi and is often encountered… …   Wikipedia

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